Welcome to the Sensory Store!

The Sensory Store is an Australian owned company located in Sydney NSW. It is owned and operated by NADO (Nepean Area Disabilities Organisation) that has over 40 years of direct experience in the disability sector.

The Sensory Store aims to provide quality therapeutic products suitable for people of all ages who are on the Autism spectrum, have varying developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, sensory processing disorder, ASD, Asperger’s, have high anxiety levels, are sensitive to light and sound or even assisting with general child development.

We also welcome anyone looking for toys and equipment that encourage exploratory play, creativity, independence or products that provide a soothing and calming experience to browse our store. If you need help finding or choosing a product that suits your individual needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why purchase Sensory Toys?

Sensory toys are items that provide the particular sensory input that many people with a disability or who are on the autism spectrum crave. Some sensory toys are also excellent fidget toys and can improve concentration and focus in both children and adults with who need to keep their hands busy to listen and stay attentive.

Each person is unique, but favorites tend to include spinning or light-up products, cuddly, stretchy, slimy or squishy toys together with weighted products, oral supports and gross motor based items to improve general body movements.

Our Sensory items that are available for purchase have been chosen for their soothing and calming outcomes in addition to their various features including textural, aural, visual, feeling and movement.