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SensoryStore is an on-line service of NADO that stocks and sells quality products that support people who benefit from articles and toys that have soothing or calming outcomes because of their features including textural, aural, visual, feel or movement. Whether you choose squishy and stretchy slime or weighted fabrics that provide a therapeutic sense of deep pressure; the sensory item will help alleviate upset in stressful situations and help gain better focus at school or home.

NADO is a disability service provider, with a Mission to provide services and supports that respond to the needs and personal goals of people with disability, their families and carers within the context of their home, work and community life.


Sensory Processing Disorder

They are not uncommon and they can be managed!

To use a more technical term, Sensory Processing Disorder or (SPD), is essentially a
neurological condition that can impair the sensory functioning skills of both children and adults. People with SPD – and of course, there are varying degrees of the condition –misinterpret everyday sensory information such as touch, sound and movement.
In general, people with SPD experience their world as either hypersensitive - so seeking to avoid sensory input - for example, they may be unable to tolerate bright lights and loud noises or even refuse to wear certain types of clothing because of how it feels on their skin.
Or they may be hyposensitive - so actively seeking sensory input – for example, a constant need to touch people even when it’s not socially acceptable, or simply loving jumping, bumping and crashing activities for the sheer sensory experience!...Read more 


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