Sensory Creative Exploration Kit

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The Sensory Creative Exploration Kit contains a set of three fantastic art packs including painting, drawing and creating. These packs are designed to promote abstract thinking through creation, encourage sensory development through a range of different mediums and textures, enhance fine motor skills and promote imaginative play and expression.

Each kit includes everything needed to take your child on a sensory development adventure!

Sensory Drawing Pack – drawing is not just an enjoyable and fun visual activity, it also helps to develop fine motor skills and hand co-ordination. This pack includes Softies Tri-Grip Crayons, powdery Egg Chalk, bumpy coloured card, shiny coloured card, rough glitter card, glossy plastic sheets, textured white art board and textured black art boards.

Sensory Creating Pack – Who would have thought that cutting, pasting, constructing, sticking and taping would be so much fun? This pack includes a variety of hard circle cards, tough triangle cards, stiff square cards, thick flower cards, sticky sticker sheets, flat jumbo sticks, a smooth roll of paper tape, shiny googly eyes, soft felt shapes and bumpy corrugated shapes.

Sensory Painting Pack – Painting allows people to learn about colour and how different colours can change when being mixed. Finger painting specifically has many benefits for learning and development, This pack includes creamy red No-drip Paint, cold yellow No-drip Paint, thick blue No-drip Paint, gooey green No-drip Paint, fluffy felt sheets, rough white glitter card, scratchy silver glitter card, shiny silver cards and textured white art board.

Recommended for people aged 2+. Adult supervision is recommended during play. Colours and contents may vary slightly from those shown in pictures.

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