King Size Weighted Blanket – Full set (10Kg & 12Kg)

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The KING Size Neptune BlanketĀ® II full set includes the inner weighted blanket, the warming minky cover and the cooling cotton cover- all you need for year round use of your Neptune Blanket. It comes in Charcoal colour and is designed for those who like to share. With ULTRASONIC stitching on the minky cover, it means a better tactile feel, no fraying, no bunching and a cleaner, more consistent pattern. 16 x internal fasteners to keep the weight completely distributed. The dimensions are 203cm x 221cm which means it fits great on a King or Queen size mattress. This is the largest weighted blanket currently on the market. The evenly distributed weight of our blankets are used to give you that ‘hugged’ feeling in stressful situations or when you need to calm down to get some rest. They are also used in everyday life when it just gets a little too much.

Weighted Blanket Sizes:

  • 10Kg Blanket – Dimensions: 203cm x 221cm. Suitable for users with a body weight of 45kg to 90kg.
  • 12Kg Blanket – Dimensions: 203cm x 221cm. Suitable for users with a body weight of 90kg+

Inner Blanket – Our inner blankets are made with breathable cotton filled with a superior glass bead which keeps the blankets thin, quiet, safe and fully washable. Unlike inferior polly-pellets which are detrimental to our environment, glass beads basically become sand once no longer in use. With the smallest pocket squares the industry has to offer, the weight has extremely even distribution. Our Ultra-Premium, Luxury Design and Precision Computer Programmed sewing method means each blanket is made to perfection unlike many of the hand sewn weighted blankets.

Outer Covers – Our outer cover is created with the softest of ultra-plush minky, which is one of the comfiest materials on the market and is extremely durable so you know your blanket will last the test of time. Our Diamond ultrasonic sewn design brings luxury and style to another level. Use this cover, over the inner blanket in the cooler months for cosy warmth.

Summer Cotton Cover – The summer cover is created with ultra breathable 600TC cotton. Use this in the warmer months to stay cool whilst still enjoying the weight that a Neptune Blanket provides. It is fitted with 16 internal fasteners so the weight stays evenly distributed.


  • 1 x Inner Weighted Blanket
  • 1 x Outer Ultrasonic Minky Cover
  • 1 x Outer Breathable Cotton CoverWarning – Ensure that the user is able to remove the blanket off their body by themselves. Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods #305060
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